So, you found a
"Just Reviewed by Top Secret"
calling card from one of our
Glasgow agents?...

Hope you enjoyed the chocs!

You were just reviewed by us because we are building our files of Top Secret Glasgow recommendations - and it's fast and furious!

This new online service is designed to offer a unique voice for Glasgwegians, Honourary Glaswegians and Visitors alike, all bustling around our city looking for the special places, the best recommendations, the secret finds.

We'll focus on the rare and special places in Glasgow (the truly "Top Secret") that we uncover on the way, along with the best of the tips that come from our readers.

Of course, we'll also cover the best of the "No Secret" places too; those that add to the well-known but equally special vibe that is today's Glasgow.

One important point for now, we prefer to also focus on what's good in our city and so you won't be under any risk of a trashing from us!

That does means you might not get listed (for now) but we feel that's a fairer and better way to go, especially when we're all dealing in the sometimes difficult world of entertainment and leisure and we all have a bad day!

It would be a great pity if YOUR bad day coincided with a visit from OUR "Top Secret Glasgow" Agent. If so, never mind, we'll be dropping by again soon - so look out for another "just reviewed" card. EVERYONE deserves a second chance!

If you are listed, we'll be in touch to share in the good news.

Best wishes... Hope you don't stay a "secret" for long...

Agent X


P.S. Out new online service is being built now, but do feel free to watch it grow over the next few weeks by jumping

from "just reviewed" to the "Top Secret Glasgow" home page.