Easy Guide to Using this "Quick Jump" tool

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sneak around...

What next? We want you to enjoy sneaking around here - uncovering all sorts of new secrets for fun times in Glasgow.

You won't be too surprised that we watch and listen to everything that's going on with websites so we know what's best for you.

scroll and jump!...

We've decided to keep things simple and allow you to scroll down a slightly longer page with all of our goodies on it. So many people prefer this for printing out and simplicity of "always knowing where you are".

For the 'scroll-haters' among us, we're giving you our 'next?' tool instead. We're using these to break all of the sections up, so one is never far away.

You just need to click on the word or symbol and you'll jump there faster than Doctor Who in a spinning blue box.

handy walk-through...

Let's run through the full list of options in the 'next?' tool - where these take you - the info and fun stuff you can do when you get there...

next?> next? - you're here! - the guide to how to use the tool. Click this any time to come back here for a reminder of how it works.

why go? why go? - the lowdown on why you should go to this place.

where? where? - all the details on where it is (even the nearest crossroads is given to help you pin down which part of longer streets to head for!) We tell you how to get there - with nearest car parks, underground and rail stations (walking times too!) And a Google map to help you with driving and walking directions. Phew!

open? open? - all the opening times, presented day-by-day, so much easier to spot the time slot you're looking for.

book book - all the details for bookings and reservations - every way we know how - phone, email and on the web.

call call - grab their phone numbers.

email email - jump to a special link to pop up your own email programme with a new message all filled in and ready to go.

web web - the place to hop straight to their website.

poll poll - been there? - done that? - then have your say in our poll (and get access to our top secret file for that place).

share share - tell us a great story about here and read what other visitors have to say too. Accepted posts are your key to our top secret file for that page.

add add - to (social) bookmarks, to RSS feeds and even email a friend. And everyone who joins our 'top secret news' file also gets access to our top secret page for here.

top 'top secret' logo - return to the top of the page.

We hope that you'll find the 'next?' tool really useful in jumping around each page. Have fun!