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Propping up The Chip bar...

by Chris Jones
(Glasgow west end)

I once heard someone say that the parents go to the big pub at The Chip while the youngsters head off to the other lively bars round about!

How rude! ;-)

But maybe there's some truth there. I mean, The Chip is a firm local favourite - right? There's no music, so you can actually have a good old blether without having to shout. The wines of the month are worth a visit, just for that!

Then there's the Furstenburg - draught... Oh Lordy! I wish I could forget the 1st time I tried (and fell victim) to Fursty in The Chip!

But it's stuck in my memory, and will NEVER leave...

I'll share the basics with you... There was a big group night out planned, and we were to meet at The Chip. By chance, I bumped into fellow party-goer Roddy - 2 hours before kick-off.

We decided that we'd just go to The Chip "for one". Let's just say that by the time the others turned up, the bar was propping US up, and we were sent staggering home - in shame!

I know I'm not alone in this 'adventure', and it was fun at the time!

We love The Big Pub at The Chip. For oldies? I don't know and I don't really care, 'cos its my favourite, whatever!

Bottoms up!


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My Dad's Favourite
by: Harry

My old man enjoys a glass of good wine - and why not?

He also likes to blether while he's at it. The trouble is, he's a little 'hard of hearing' these days. What a horrible expression!

He's not deaf or anything. He just missed bits now and again. So The Big Pub at The Chip is just right. He gets to choose from top wines, and he can hear us all speak.

Perfect. I love spending time with my Dad.

Thanks very much to The Chip.


Lovin The Chip
by: Susan

We love The CHip Big Pub too. Getting a seat in the nook to the right is best for us, when we get together.

We also love the 'wine of the month', which are almost always delicious. We've had too many excellent wine recommendations to count, over the years.

Well done, The CHip. You deserve your reputation.

susan x

I love Furstenburg
by: Geoff


Good God Almighty - I've had more or less the EXACT SAME EXPERIENCE. Three times! (over a period of 15 years, please understand...)

What can I say? When I party, I PARTY!

And I love Fursty.

Apart from that, The Chip is a classy place. I like the real fire in winter, and the chatter round the bar. Not having music is a nice touch.

I raise a glass to The Chip.


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