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Contact me with your own thoughts on Glasgow... ideas, stories, requests, recommendations, whatever! I want to hear from fellow lovers of Glasgow.

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If you’re reading this, I’m hoping that you have something special about Glasgow to share with me…

It could be some idea that’s been trying to burst out for a while – please share it!

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There are all sorts of people who may be planning their next experience of Glasgow:

You may be visiting for the first time? Or returning here to explore a bit more? Want to learn about Glasgow’s rich past, and discover the best on offer near the classic Glasgow sights?

Are you here on business and also want to add some "play" or "rest" to the "work" grind of your business trip? We will be revealing the best-kept secrets in and around the usual business and conference centres in Glasgow too.

And what about you, fellow Glaswegian? Do you make the most of your wonderful home city? Well, we could probably all do that more. Let us help you uncover some funky places to go, things to do, sights to see... all sorts of weird and wonderful things that even our local lovelies haven't heard too much about.

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