Price Check: Your Guide to Prices in Glasgow

Price Check is our way to give you a rule of thumb for the prices of those activities that you love when exploring a great city like Glasgow.

Scot Free?...

Let’s first say, happily, that many of the best things in Glasgow will cost you nil, nowt, naught, nuffingk, nada or in the Queen’s English absolutely nothing at all. Isn’t FREE such a great word?

Glasgow City Council have long made it their happy policy to provide free admission to their museums and galleries, believing that their arty treasures should be for the people of Glasgow and their guests. So, tourists do get in free too.

There are also a growing list of festivals, fairs, markets, street parties and other events around the year that zing with (among many other things) zilch, zero and zip in the cost department.

General price check?...

Of course not everything comes at such a good price and most activities will be very fairly priced indeed. There are a lot of places jostling for your business here in Glasgow and that means two great things straight off – lots of variety and choice – and keen prices for high quality.

Prices can and do change all the time of course. But the general banding of prices remains steady. These bands, we feel, are the best way to give you a sense of what funny little (or big) number will be on the bottom of that slip of paper at the end of the next great experience, whether that is… a frothy coffee or a sleek coiffure… a grand meal or a shop deal… a tasty snack or a notch on your six-pack!

Not all jollies were made equal. Some are cheap thrills indeed and some require a second mortgage. (We tend not to cover too many of the latter, though we will enjoy the occasional splash out with the best of them.)

Anyway, our general Price Check guide is:

£££ - special treats and occasions (or when you’re not paying!)

££ - average city prices (but cheaper than London or Paris!)

£ - a bargain (so buy two!)

F - Scot FREE – enjoy!


Price check for specific things?...

IMPORTANT: Please do ensure that you use these as a broad guide and contact the place in advance before making that trip or booking that space.

So, here is our crib sheet for each main activity featured in

Of course, that’s not to say that a specific place will not switch bands on us at some point, even by just a nudge.

We do keep an eye on the price bands every year, though and so we’ll be surprised if too many are off kilter. Please use the form at the bottom of this page to let us know about any wobblers. (thank you!)

So, to the first activity price-check for the main options to EAT in the city:

Price check for EAT?...

Per person, meals based on two courses with no wine or drinks:








expense accounts and special occasions

average city prices

why cook?

tasting, promotions, etc.


> £25

£10 - £25

< £10


Set Lunch

> £15

£8 - £15

< £8



> £30

£12 - £30

< £12


Set Dinner

> £19

£9 - £19

< £9



> £19

£9 - £19

< £9



> £19

£9 - £19

< £9


House Wine

> £19

£9 - £19

< £8




We'll be adding more Price Check activities as we file more top secret reports... SNACK and DRINK Price Checks will be with you soon, so do check back.

Tell us if you spot any problems with our price bands?...

We do love to hear from you, even if it's to point out that something has gone wrong. Maybe that price has popped up and over one of our bands very recently, and we would really appreciate if you told us.

Just pop any new info on prices into the box below and click the "Tell Us..." button.

You don't have to at all, but if you also jot down your first name and email address we'll be sure to say "thanks" (and that is all we would use your email address for, it's our guarantee).

Thanks for your time in telling us.

Price Check: Spot Any Wobblers?...

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