A Walk In The West End


A place definitely worth strolling to from Scotstoun Park is An Lochan Glasgow. And you are in for a treat. Somehow you've managed to go from green open fields to lochside and without leaving the sandstone splendour of our West End. The food is outstanding owed a lot to the fact that their ingredients are farmed from trusted places across Scotland.

If you feel like a spot of lunch as you cross through the Park, a great spot nearby on Kelvingrove Street is The Sisters Restaurant Kelvingrove. This family-run restuarant (the clue is definitely in the name!) is a Top Secret all-time favourite.

For fans of the widely-known noodle bar, Wagamama, come taste Glasgow's very own version of this Japanese fast-food wonder. Ichiban Noodle Bar is handily placed along Dumbarton Road and is deceptively capacious inside in a series of linked spaces for dawdling over steaming bowls and trays of good things.

For people watching on Byres Road, nowhere is better than Antipasti West End. Why? Perhaps it's because of that huge plate-glass window that means, no matter where you are sitting - downstairs or up in the mezzanine - you have full view of the steady stream of locals whizzing or doddering by. This West End institution serves amazing Italian food and drinks.

Fancy a Grand Piano to accompany your restorative bite to eat? Then head right down to the bottom of Byres Road at Partick Cross. Baby Grand West End is not just some in-joke for a name! It really does have a beautiful namesake instrument to lull you as you eat, or act as a table strewn with newspapers and magazines when the pianist is not on duty!

Cottiers is the place to head to if the sun peeps out from behind a cloud or you enjoy eating and drinking in old character buildings like this. This converted church has been lovingly restored to create a special place both indoors and out. The summer month bring more options... with regular BBQs on the patio.

Ok, so you've made it all the way along Sauchiehall street as far as Charing Cross. Well done! Time to celebrate and there is just the pace. A place that revels in its secrecy so much that it took all of its named signage down outside. So, turn right and head to Koh-i-Noor indian restaurant. Stop just before you reach there and you have found the wonderfully relaxing, nourishing and comforting interior of Chinaski's

There are a few main venues in Glasgay!:

The first is Tron Theatre.

A new late addition here is to be straight after Tron Theatre and that is Art Lovers' Cafe.

This late additon is after the original first one and is Oran Mor - is it in the right place?

The Second is Kings Theatre for a coffee while you watch the comings and goings of this busy little enclave.

Another one between Kings and Arches is called 54 Below.

And the third is Arches Theatre.