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Meeting mates in Antipasti

by ALexander

Cafe Antipasti is a BIG favourite for us. Many's the time we've done a quick phone-round, and met up for a blether and a filling meal.

Who cares if they don't take bookings? Having to wait only really happens at peak times. And a full restaurant has a dead good atmosphere.

If possible, we like to grab the table to the left just before you go up the stairs. Sitting there, we can see everything that's going on, and we feel like we have a small space all to ourselves.

To date, only 2 of my friends - Hugh and Owen - have been able to finish a full helping of Antipasti's risotto! It tastes divine, and doesn't half fill you up.

Cafe Antipasti is probably our top relaxed Italian restaurant... So friendly, popular and tasty!



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A Great Night Out
by: Andy Heatley

Hi there

I'm Andy, and I've just got home to Washington DC after spending time with friends in the West End of Glasgow.

I saw the Top Secret Glasgow review, and I feel I have to write this - to agree.

The guys took me to Antipasti one evening, and I was unsure. What was all this "Oh no, they don't take bookings" nonsense?

Anyway, we didn't have to wait for a table. I was introduces to other new friends, and the food was delicious. Those Scots guys can pack it away, man. And I used to work in Manhattan, where NOTHIN is small!

And they can sink a few jugs of wine while they're at it, so I noticed... I had yet another marvellour vacation in Glasgow. I'm counting the days until I can get back.

Many thanks.


Sitting at the HUGE Windows
by: Louise

I like to sit at a table right by the window. It feels a bit like sitting on the pavement, and there's always so much to see on Byres Road...

But at the same time we're still indoors, so we can have a good natter without the noise of traffic.

Choosing what to have is always a problem. Whenever I read the menu, I keep thinking "I'll have that. No, I'll have THAT. No, wait a minute, I'll have THAT..." And so on.

Lovely local restaurant. I love Antipasti.

Louise xx

Up in the Mezzanine 4 Us
by: Ralph

That's funny, Louise!

We prefer to sit in the mezzanine level. Like you, we enjoy seeing what's going on, down Byres Road.

The Cafe Antipasti windows really are enormous, so from up there you can see right along as far as Great Western Road.

I agree about the food. Choosing can be tricky. Having said that, we agree to have Italian flatbread with whatever we setle on. And there's never any left. ;-)

I loce Cafe Antipasti too.


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