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Make a Wish!

What Do You Really Want in
Top Secret Glasgow?

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This is our city, and we love to share it with everyone.

And this is our fan-based Glasgow website, which we also love to share.

But it's not really our guide... it must be the people's guide to Glasgow.

So are we missing something special? One extra corner we should have peeked round? A wee hidden local gem in the shadow of a Glaswegian classic? Make your wish now.

We aim to make sure you're first on the start line for the best-of-the-best Glasgow has to offer. But we can't be the go-faster people's guide to Glasgow if we're missing a wheel (so to speak!)

OK. Spill! Blow us (happily) away with ideas we must include to keep on track... Share your wish now.

Ideas for a wish...

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If you feel as passionate about Glasgow as we do, you'll want to share the best with everyone.

We could puff and blow about LOADS of ways to make your Top Secret wishes about Glasgow come true. Just a few seeds of inspiration...

  • Imagine you just uncovered our top cocktail bars. BUT you spot we missed your absolute favourite. And of course you have some REALLY good reasons for it making the top list.
    So, scribble tips on your cocktail coaster for us now...
  • Glasgow tucks away lots of little hidden lanes, alleys and super local nooks and crannies. You might know about one that makes the Top Secret grade.
    So, draw us a map (we'll need it!)...
  • What do you ALWAYS need to know about a city, before you can say for sure that you know it well? We know what we need and that's inside already - but what's missing for you?
    So, fold down a page corner on your personal guide for us...
  • If one of our favourite places didn't work for you, then we'd like to know why. Places change, standards can slip and we NEED to know as soon as this happens so we can re-think what makes the cut here. We keep this a positive-only space because, let's face it, time is short and we just want the good stuff in life.
    So, nominate them for eviction from the TS house now!... (Booooo!...)

So, make a wish now...

Top Secret Quote Bubble in black, with a magic lamp and genie rising from smoking spout

Why not give your wish a try? (Hey, Wee Jeannie says her contract obliges her to offer you three of them!...)

Our mission in Top Secret life is to light your way with lots of spot-on info about only the good stuff, just the way you want it.

Who knows? Maybe today's the day your Top Secret wish comes true...

May all your wishes be happy ones.

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