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handwritten in red - the book of secrets

You found me! Great!

My every page is stuffed full of special places buried deep in Top Secret Glasgow...

Be sure to click the button to squirrel me away for later.

Here are two fun ways to go on your adventure with me...

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  • Click a micro-bubble or two to reveal each big-bubble on my right-hand page...
  • Anything tempting?... click on any big-bubble in my right-hand page and I'll transport you straight there!...


  • Or just let me be your mystic-map, guiding you deeper into our secrets "auto-magically"!...
  • And be sure to use my <, PAUSE and > buttons to steer the magic youself if you wish...
  • Enjoy your adventure!

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We'll reveal top secrets that many locals don't even know about - often in the shadows of the classics.

If you want to be first onto these new top secrets, then just use the simple form below to pass us your email address and first name. We'll be in touch... "confidentially"!

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