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I Want the Red Carpet Treatment
with Top Secret's
Glasgow Confidential

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Do you like to get on the guest list and jump that queue to the best of Glasgow?

Me too.

So, get on the VIP list now while still open and free.

For your eyes only, Glasgow Confidential is your monthly round-up of the very best from Glasgow's newly uncovered secrets for a good time in the city.

And popped gently into your inbox with all the super-sleuth stealth of The Man from Milk Tray. Every "Confidential" delivery a tasty surprise treat. (But where did that hunk disappear to this time?)

Why confidential?

We live here. We work here. We love here! So we scurry around the best places in Glasgow - always undercover - and update this constantly growing site for you with all of our experiences.

Get on the VIP list now so you don't miss a thing.

Who's slipping around the red velvet rope?...

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You may be visiting for the first time? Or returning here to explore a bit more? We will go beyond the well-known things that make Glasgow the great city it is today. Glasgow gets a new tourist spin by revealing the best hidden secrets near all of those classics. Get on the VIP list now.

Are you here on business and also want to add some "play" or "rest" to the "work" grind of your business trip? Well, we will brief you on all the benefits of our best-kept secret assets near where you do business. Stick that in your “executive summary” for a great biz trip. Get on the VIP list now.

And what about you, fellow Glaswegian? Do you make the most of your wonderful home city? Well, we could probably all do that more. Let us help you uncover some funky places to go, things to do, sights to see... all sorts of weird and wonderful things that even you local lovelies haven't heard too much about! Get on the VIP list now.

How do I get onto the red carpet?...

Top Secret Quote Bubble in black, with red carpets unfurling across glossy white floor

Forget quickly out-of-date printed guide books that never really have the latest inside track to the red carpet treatment.

To really be sure that you never miss the first taste of the next big thing, get on the VIP list for Glasgow Confidential...

It’s as easy as 1-2-3… follow the steps below:

  1. pop in your email address
  2. pop in your first name (just so we can keep it friendly!)
  3. hit the “VIP me!” button
You’re sorted. We'll be in touch... "confidentially"...
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get on the VIP list
and be first to hear ALL the news about Glasgow...

Be a "Top Secret Glasgow VIP". We are always working on all sorts of new features... the most buzzing events... the "insiders" low-down... the key to the very best of Glasgow.

We'll reveal top secrets that many locals don't even know about - often in the shadows of the classics.

If you want to be first onto these new top secrets, then just use the simple form below to pass us your email address and first name. We'll be in touch... "confidentially"!

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