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Quality Still Shines, At Stravaigin Cafe Bar

by Stevie Baker
(South Bank, London)

Stravaigin Cafe Bar on Gibson Street was popular when I was a student at Glasgow Uni, back in the 80s.

Time flies, and I was back checking out my old stomping grounds recently. So of course I had to drop into Stravaigin.

I'm happy to report that nothing had changed. At all! OK, I'm older with greying hair and a wee bald bit on top... ;-)

But the staff are stiff young and trendy, very friendly and working like FIENDS, cause its just as popular as ever.

The food is the same classy mix of much-loved comfort food and a few continental touches. Quality counts for a lot, and Stravaigin Cafe Bar oozes the stuff.

I have to admit I took a pic inside, and its now my screensaver at work, back down here in London... But my heart belongs to Glasgow, for sure!

Stevie x

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Why I love Stravaigin Cafe Bar
by: Tina

I love the cosy atmosphere in Stravaigin Cafe Bar.

There's a strong feeling of friends catching up, whiling away the time. Of course, the food is always good, and the beers keep on coming...

But there's something more to Stravaigin than just that.

Walk past in summer when the big doors are pushed wide open, or in winter when it glows golden and inviting. Either time, the temptation to go in is always there.

This is a real west end gem, and I always think the others are trying to match its style and quality... and not quite making the grade. ;-)

Tina xxx

Stravaigin Cafe Bar - my thoughts
by: James

Hello there

This is just a short note to tell you why I love Stravaigin Cafe Bar.

Apart from the great food, service and atmosphere. they're totally relaxed with dogs being allowed inside. As long as they behave, of course!

When Mum and Dad come to visit (they're country folks) we always go for a LONG walk, with their gorgeous black labrador.

After probably ending up somewhere in Kelvingrove Park, food and a seat are next on the agenda. Stravaigin Cafe Bar means we can all stay together, and he happily settles under the table, lying on Dad's feet.

Perfect days out, thanks to Stravaigin Cafe Bar.


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