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The Girls Keeping It Close

by eve
(Pollockshaws, Glasgow South Side)

Cafe Mao is SO MUCH FUN!

The girls and I (a bunch of uni mates now all working in the city centre) meet there after work once every month.

Yeah, sitting outside is nice when weather allows. But we like to sit inside, in front of one of Mao's HUGE windows. That way, we can catch up, have a natter... and comment on the babes wandering by - without being heard!!!

OK, so we're being cowards, you think? Let me tell you, when 'The Girls' get together and the beers are flowing, we like to keep our comments STRICTLY between ourselves.Oh! And the food and lively atmosphere in Cafe Mao don't hurt, either.

See ya


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Cafe Mao keeps me happy
by: Ed P

I LOVE Cafe Mao for the brighness of the place. Even mid-winter, when bright lights and long days seem forever away, Cafe Mao cheers me up. No end.

The food (spicey!), the service (young and cheerful!) and the atmosphere (chilled vibe!) always put a spring in my step.

Thanks, Cafe Mao. I raise my glass to you...


A Fun Place
by: Katie Williams

Hi - Katie here.

The 1st time I was taken to Cafe Mao was during the Merchant City Festival 2 years ago.

We managed to get a table on the pavement, and sat there for most of the aftenoon.

It was totally brilliant. A stage was set up nearby, so were could listen to the acts,and watch the contented crowds strolling about.

The food was as good as we'd heard. We're real fans now, and regular diners.

Cheers guys. Happy guzzling.

Katie xxx

Having fun in Cafe Mao
by: Phil

Couldn't agree more that Cafe Mao is a lot of fun. It's nice to see a good mix of ages enjoying the spicey food, too.

I'm a client of a couple of design firms,and they take out for lunch now anf=g again. You know the kind of thing - keeping me sweet when the next pitch is due!

I often suggest Cafe Mao, because I love the rlaxed feel of the place. Pleanty of chatter means we don't have to be too serious and talk about work all the time.

The food rocks, I have to say!

There's nowhere quite like Cafe Mao in The Merchant City. I know I'm only 1 of a legion of fans.

Maybe I'll see (or hear?!) 'The Girls' next time I'm there.


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