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American Pals Loving Blas!

by Al
(Glasgow, West End)

I had friends visiting from New York City, last month. They're great guys, but I get nervous when they come here.

I mean, when you live and work in Manhattan, how is Glasgow going to impress?



Her Mum is English, so her tastes veer towards cream teas and the like. But after reading your review of Blas, I went in advance, to be sure it could be as good as you said. Then I took them for lunch, to make sure they could try the Blas Platters.

Who'd have thought it, but she got stuck into haggis, and venison as well. I was dead impressed. Her husband has a LARGE appetite, and even he said he was stuffed by the end!

To round things off, we then trotted across the road for a look at Kelvingrove Museum.

I got a gold star from my American chums that day. Thanks very much for the help. I think I must be the biggest Blas fan in Glasgow these days.

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Moving With the "Times"
by: Liz

Blas Platters are GONE! (Bad times!)

They've just been re-named as "Wee Blas" (Good times!)


Plate Swapping With Good Friends
by: Colin

Last time I was there, 6 of us went for the evening a la carte menu, and we had a hoot. Everyone liked the look of at least one other dish, so we did a bit of plate-swapping half way through!

I suppose you could call it our own version of Platters!

Personally, I blame Blas for making it all so damned tasty.

Daily Specials That Are SPECIAL!
by: Anonymous

I've been to Blas twice, both times in the evening. It really is a special wee place, isn't it? I've gone for the daily special each time, and they've been good choices.

The first time it was a juicy slice of Aberdeen Angus steak, and it was steak and kidney pie with all the trimmings last time.

They know how to fill you up, don't they?

Converting Mates to Haggis Fans!
by: Rob

I did something similar with pals who visited from London. At the same time, a Scottish mate and his Irish wife joined us.

They all had the same thoughts about haggis, black pudding and the likes, so Blas Platters really helped to break the ice. They were interested, but didn't feel brave enough to think about trying to scoff a full helping.

Let's just say that a few more haggis fans, and Blas fans, were born that day. We didn't go into Kelvingrove Museum like you.

We don't see each other enough, so we took ourselves off to Ashton Lane for liquid fun, a long blether and an absolute riot!

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