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Arches Cafe Bar Review

by Sanji
(Glasgow Pollockshaws)

Arches Cafe Bar is a happening place. And if you didn't know its there, you'd NEVER stumble over it.

Walk in the main entrance to Arches Theatre, under the Heilan'Mans Umbrella, and turn right and there it is, down some stairs.

I LOVE those wacky lights. I always think they look like space saucers from a dodgy 1960s sci-fi movie!

The food is good, won't break the bank, and service is relaxed and prompt.

Treat yourself by visiting a secret local spot for an enjoyable meal.

See ya there.

Sanji x

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Love Arches Cafe Bar
by: The Goon Bunch

We love going to Arches Cafe Bar on performance nights... whether or not we're actually attending the show.

People are always in a really good mood, pre-show, and its catching.

Add to that the dead cool location, and you've got a winner, in our eyes.

The Goon Bunch xxx

Those Arches Rumbles... lol
by: Mama D

I take my kids to Arches Cafe Bar when we're in town. They like the food (those burgers!), and they like something even better...

...the rumble of the trains overhead. They crease up every time. And it happens a lot.

I really enjoy seeing them take so much pleasure out of something so common place.

Its also good for them to be exposed to the relative bohemian atmosphere in Arches Cafe Bar. It'll help set them up for a cultural life, I hope.

You're our favourite, Arches Cafe Bar!

Mama D

Arches Cafe bar - AVOID AVOID AVOID!
by: Andy Bradley

To set the scene: It was a busy busy day on the week before Christmas. Two mate out for a beer or three were looking for somewhere relatively cheap and with available seats to grab a burger and a pint. So we decided on the Arches.

Worst decision ever.

To start with, impressions were good.The decor and ambience in the place is superb. The staff were smartly dressed and we were seated quickly. There ends the positive part of the review.

After beaing seated, we ordered our drinks, and then our burgers upon the waitresses return. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. The place was relatively quite, apart from a table of eight, who, judging by their glasses, were there for some time before us. Anyway, 45 minutes or so later we had our burgers. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand places can get busy but surely some sort of advanced warning or even COMMUNICATION from the waiting staff if things are lagging behind. We had none of it.

And what burgers they were! My beef burger was bland, tasteless and without any redeeming features whatsoever. Served with seven, (yes, SEVEN!) pale and previously frozen chips, and a pathetic "dip" of what looked like tinned tomatoes mashed into a ramekin. Pathetic, utterly pathetic. My friend's lamb burger was insipid, and utterly awful also.

Total bill - £21.75 for two dire burgers, a furstenberg and a bottle of pear cider.

Did we complain? No, but then, what would the point be?

My advice - avoid the cafe bar at the arches. It's a unmitigated disaster from the minute you order your food.

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