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Classy Curry Buffet - the Killermont Way

by Suze


Suze here.

Just to say that I had a wild weekend in Glasgow recently. A couple of friends were graduating, and it was party time!

I'm from Birmingham - curry capital of Britain. Although after our night at Killermont Polo Club, I'm starting to have doubts about that title ;)

A crowd of us went for the Killermont buffet deal. We had to eat earlier, but we could eat as much top curry as we wanted from the handsome spread they'd set out.

Tangy spiced onions, crispy popadums and veggie pakora to die for was followed by (I admit it) two full plates of creamy korma and onion-laden dopiaza.

Top stuff!

Staff couldn't have been nicer, too. What a find, out of the way just beyond the west end of Glasgow.

The night had gotten off to a classy start, and it carried on like that once we reached Byres Road...

Happy times indeed.

Well done, Killermont Polo Club. You deserve all the praise you get.

Be seeing you again before too long...

Suze xxx

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Impressing Canadian Friends...
by: Rich


Killermont Polo Club helped me to keep on the good side of some Canadians who visited earlier this year.

They LOVE curry, and were in need of a relaxing meal and a chat... after maybe visiting one too many of our castles, museums and galleries. They were feeling "cultured out". (Their words - not mine!

Anyway, we had a tasty meal in Killermont Polo Club. These guys are quite tall, at about 6 foot 6 inches each. With appetites to match. Let's just say that the buffet had a couple of BIG holes knocked in it!

Thanks, Killermont Polo Club. You're a local secret that I LOVE.

Be seein' ya soon!


Top curry - Top memories...
by: Jules

Hi there

Just a quick note to tell you how much I love Killermont Polo Club. I'm from London, and I'm back here after being a student in Glasgow, graduating about 15 years ago.

I discovered Killermont Polo Club way back then, and it was ACE.

I was back in dear old Glasgow recently, and of course went back. One of my southern friends mentioned where we were headed to the taxi driver - and we ended up at Killermont BOWLING Club! lol I blame his dodgy English accent ;)

All I can say is that it was even better than I remembered. We had a table in the conservatory at the side. Fab night out, and a top curry was had by all.

I'm feeling nostalgic now. Wonder when I can get back to Glasgow...

All the best

Jules x

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