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Classy Jazz in Classy Venue!

by Angus Johnson
(Stepps, Glasgow)

Just a quick note to thank Tron Victorian Bar for the double treats it throws our way from time to time.

A bunch of us quite like jazz. Not the modern stuff where its hard to spot the rhythm. The classic stuff that almost demands you have a dry martini in one hand and a fat cigar in the other!

Tron Victorian Bar has a raised area at the back, with tables when there aren't performers on. And with a piano and other instruments when there is.

Along with a delicious meal from Tron, we can spend hours dreamily listening to the amazing jazz - while stuffing our faces!

The best times are probably during the Infernational Jazz Festival in February each year. What a way to brighten those winter evenings.

Cheers, Tron Victorian Bar. You really are 1 in a million.


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For romantic dinners...
by: Harry R

My wife Hillary and I like going to Tron Victorian Bar on quiet nights, for a romantic dinner. The lighting is soft, there are no windows to distract you from each other - and the food is pretty damn good too!

I agree that the jazz nights and other performances are excellent. Its just that we like to feel that we kinda have the place more to ourselves - although it is NEVER empty.

Tron Victorian Bar has a true place in our hearts, and has done for more than 20 years now.

Happy times ;-)


Team building at Tron Victorian Bar...
by: Matthew


What an idea for a great works night out! We're planning one as part of a bigger team-building schedule.

I'm going to suggest it to Human Resources - and maybe even offer to work out the route on a (wet) dry run.

I'll give you the credit, though, 'Liz. Promise.

I'll also use the clue you had in the Victorian Bar as part of ours as well. Look here to see how it goes down.

Thanks again.


All in the name of a GOOD LAUGH! xxx
by: 'Liz

I first stumbled into Tron Victorian Bar about 15 years ago, towards the end of a team pub crawl. (No, really)

Each team had to follow atrail of clues, picking up answers (and having one drink) in each bar they were directed to.

Tron Victorian Bar was on the list. As far as I remember, we had to count the number of small framed prints that run along the walls at picture rail level! Silly, but fun!

While we randomly propped up the beautiful Victorian Bar, we got the distinct impression the bar man was laughing at us... and why not? We couldn't see straight enough to count by the time we reached Tron Victorian Bar!

And ther are more than 50 prints to count!

I've been back LOTS since then, and always have a top meal, or a relaxed drink or two.

Many thanks for great times, Tron Victorian Bar.

'Liz xxx

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