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Dating at The Grosvenor

by Dave

The Grosvenor Cinema is PERFECT for that date where you want to start getting a little closer...

Go for a quick pre-theatre somewhere nearby, making sure there is plenty of wine on the table. Have a sofa in the back row booked, and take another drinkie in with you.

Of course, make sure the movie suits. With the wide range passing over The Grosvenor's screens, you should be able to find something that'll pass muster.

Then just relax and let her slip under the crook of your arm - and you're away!

It worked for me in the past ;-)


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Loving time with the kids at The Grosvenor
by: Phil

There's NO chance of sleep when I go to the Grosvenor... I take the kids to the 'kids club' thing they run on the weekends.

Not that its a chore or anything. I love animation, and the innocence of live action movies for kids.

We enjoy cheering for the goodies and hissing the bad guys! A bit like panto, only in really comfy seats.

More often than not, our youngest, Eilidh, ends up on my lap. She's only 3... bless her. It makes for a win-win time for her old Dad (me!)

Thanks, Mr Grosvenor


Lively in The Grosvenor
by: Angus

Those sofas sure are comfy... although I doubt I'd have the nerve to use them as part of my 'pulling' program!

In fact, they are so relaxing that I actually fell asleep one time. I forget which film I failed to see... and it had been a LONG week!

Those are my excuses, and I'm sticking to them ;)

The Grosvenor is a lovely local cinema. The restoration was well worth it, and the mix of movies shown keeps my interest.

Sleepy head not included.



A perfect local cinema
by: Ralph

The Grosvenor does a pretty good job in the fight against the might of the multiplex giants.

Bringing a cool range of movies to our doorstep, and in very nice theatres.

Does anyone remember how it was before the restoration? The seats were VERY close together, had high backs, and the slope on the floor was shallow...

I often couldn't really see the movie properly.

Its like chalk and cheese, comparing the old with the new Grosvenor.

Well done on a great job, folks at The Grosvenor.


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