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Getting it JUST RIGHT - the Quid Est way

by Martin Buchanan
(Glasgow Hyndland)

You are so RIGHT about the buttonholes Quid Est puts together!

You know what its like, getting ready for a wedding... there are so many things to remember, and all those bits and pieces to go with the kilt.

I try to drop into Quid Est a week before I need the buttonholes. If I'm collecting something for my date/mother/granny, I take along something she'll be wearing to the wedding.

The owner then makes sure it matches the outfit! She even gets the tartan on my little thistle-style buttonhole just right.

She'd shrug you away if you said it to her face, but Eleanor is indeed our own little local miracle-worker!


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A Perfect Quid Est Proposal...
by: Andrew

OK, its confession time... and I'm mappy to spill the beans ;-)

My partner and I have been together for nearly 20 years, and he made it clear that when it came to our civil partnership, he was expecting to be on the receiving end of a proposal...

So I got a massive bouquet of red roses, with all the 'Eleanor' special bells and whistles, got down on one knee and popped the question!

Putty in my hands, he was... thanks partly to the magic Quid Est delivered.

The date is to be set... we're just to VERY HAPPY.

Wish us luck, friends.


For a perfect bouquet...
by: Sarah Jones

I'd never really noticed Quid Est - its quite small and easy to miss, but really charming when you go in - until a few months ago.

I was walking up Hyndland Street and this lady was standing on the pavement, ordering 3 men about! Really.

They were parading out of Quid Est, with the most stunning flower arrangements in their arms. There were two Range Rovers double-parked, and she was making sure everything was put into the back of the cars, EXACTLY as she wanted.

Then she packed stuff round them, to stop any damage en route. I know all this 'cos I stopped to watch. Nosey me!

I asked the woman, who turned out to be the owner (no surprise there) what was up. She just said, "Another big Renfrewshire wedding" and got back to work!

I remembered how beautiful her flowers were, and I've been going to Quid Est ever since. People are always over-the-moon happy with Eleanor's creations.

What a star...

Sarah x

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