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Having fun with the Oldies in Number 16

by Stu Baxter


We LOVE Number 16 - for all sorts of reasons.

The main one (for me) is that it saved my bacon a few years back. We had a BIG family wedding in Glasgow, and I was playing host to my Granny and Gramps - on my Mum's side.

Not being city dwellers, they had less than a wholesome understanding of how cool life here is! Both being over 80, they're set in their ways, too.

The night before the wedding, I was under HUGE pressure to find a quality place, where they could eat on the ground floor, and have "sensible food". (Gramps's words, not mine!)

So off we went to Number 16. Being family run, we got a warm welcome. There is a mezzanine level, but we'd agreed a table downstairs.

The hearty lentil soup was almost as good as Granny's, we all agreed. And the roast lamb with lots of fresh veggies went down very well.

As far as I remember, Gramps even had room for a little treacle tart, and was positively jolly on the way home!

Just between you and me - I was already a big fan of Number 16, and now so are Granny and Gramps!

And the wedding was a success as well.

Thanks, Number 16. You're stars, one and all!

Stu x

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Loving the Scottish Nosh at Number 16
by: Bryan

Down that end of Byres Road, there is nowhere to beat Number 16.

Scottish nosh at its very best. You can really tell its a family run business, with the real care they take.

Mum & Dad both love Number 16, so we make it a place to visit every so often.

We've never been disappointed.

Keep it going, Number 16!


Lucky to have Number 16
by: Anne

What a lovely story, Stu!

Your grandparents are lucky to have you looking after them so well...

And we're all lucky to have Number 16, aren't we? I like sitting up in the mezzanine. The tables can be quite close together, and we're got chatting to fellow diners on more than one evening.

Number 16 pays such attention to the sourcing of their ingredients, we always have a smashing meal. With the menu changing so often, we never know what great food we're in for.


Anne x

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