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I'm a HUGE Firebird fan...

by Frances
(Glasgow, Partick)

I LOVE the Firebird salad of avocado and grilled chicken! With a BIG glass of something chilled and dry, of course...

Firebird is so COOL.

There's always a great buzz - during the day with lots of happy kids and yummy mummies after a walk in the park, and in the evening with the groovy crowd. And with lovers of good local musical talent as well.

Firebird is unique - don't go changin' ;)


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by: john

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Fun times at Firebird
by: Caroline

With one of the best menus around, and with those huge windows going half way round the dining area, Firebird is great for relaxing and watching the world go by.

Close to Kelvingrove Park, parents who've been pushing prams or playing with the kids to wear them out often fill the place up.

Quite right, too.

The children seem to like those fresh pizzas, and the fishtank that sits along the back wall.

I think Firebird is unique to Glasgow, and is a fun place... Like live music? You've chosen the right place! Or you never know, it might be a DJ doing his thing when you drop by.

Either way, there is always a lively, friendly and relaxed vibe in Firebird.



Firebird Pizzas - Hard to Resist
by: Nancy R

I sometimes wonder if I decide to push the pram round Kelvingrove Park, just to let me 'accidentally' drop into Firebird for a coffee - and one of their pizzas or sandwiches!

OK, I like the exercise, and Jack (not yet toddling) sleeps well. But those pizzas are a real draw... thin and crispy, and made to order, they go down really well indeed.

I know I'm not alone, either.

Someone I know, who shall remain nameless, might actually be addicted to the Firebird sandwich of houmous and avocado on brown bread! Just kidding... ;-)

Friendly and relaxed, Firebird is a lovely place to visit. And I should know... I'm in filling my face often enough.


Nancy R

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