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I'm SUCH a Baby Grand fan!

by Geoff C
(Glasgow, West End)

I've been a MASSIVE Baby Grand fan for more years than I care to remember.

It's nice to see you guys giving it the honour it deserves on your website.

I'm Geoff Cranston, formerly living in Kelvingrove in a flat looking over the tennis courts... now in Bearsden with the wife and kids.

I love electro-pop (you can take the boy out of the 80s, but not the 80s out of the boy!) - and jazz soul. The nights when there was live music on the Baby Grand's baby grand were pure gold for me... (sigh)

I can confirm, from many years' hands-on experience, that it truly IS the best place to go for a hangover cure - in the shape of their pancakes, maple syrup and bacon.

With a pot of tea, in my case, and a pint of full-fat coke.

Yes, yes! All you have to do is flood your system with carbs and sugar. But who's complaining? Not me.

The company in Baby Grand is cool, too.

Have to say, Top Secret Glasgow got me thinking... If you're as much of a Baby Grand Charing X fan as me, let's share memories: in my case, I need to do this before early senility sets in!

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Times Gone By...
by: Geoff C

Don't! It's true, though...

When I first started going for fun at Baby Grand, I was working in the Britoil Building. I know its called something else now, but somehow the name seems to have stuck, hasn't it?

Anyway, a bunch of us would use the staff gym on the lower ground floor, then head out - usually on a Thursday AND Friday.

Of course, we'd just STAY there all night! Great times!

Youth let us go for it 2 nights in a row... fatherhood and a move to the 'burbs knocked all that on the head! ;)

Another fan over here!
by: Billy

Hilarious, rating a place according to how well it can cure a hangover! Still, I can tell you love Baby Grand as much as I do.

I work nearby, and stop by for a pint and to take my tie off, before heading home. After a hard day, it never fails to relax me.

Baby Grand is a touch of class, and I feel like I'm almost one of the family when they greet me!

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