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Looking after Linda

by Polly B

Bar Soba got me out of BIG trouble, a while back. I'd forgotten my best friend Linda's birthday, and I needed to make it up to her.

Colleagues had been going on about Bar Soba, and I decided to give it a try. Linda is a sucker for a decent Mojito, so I felt like I'd be onto a winner.

Anyway, I got REALLY lucky. We decided to eat in the basement restaurant, and while we waited for a table, the barman downstairs put on a demo of making a perfect cocktail. I requested he showed us how to make a Mojito, and that's exactly what happened.

Linda and I are still best friends, and Bar Soba is one of the places we meet up in, whenever the mood takes us...

You heard it here first.

Polly xxx

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Finding Bar Soba
by: Colin

I was visiting Glasgow for the 1st time a few months ago, and I got a bit lost.

I knew I was near Central Station, but I'd missed it by a block. More or less.

We weren't in a hurry, and were exploring the lane (heading in the right direction, as it turned out) when the heavens opened.

Typical! So we dashed into Bar Soba to wait it out, and maybe ask for directions. The cool atmosphere and friendly staff meant we stayed for a couple, and our slightly weird day turned into a really good one.

Thanks, Bar Soba! We'll be back, for sure.


Best girls night out
by: Melody

I was taken to Bar Soba on a girls' night out, celebrating a mates 30th birthday bash.

She'd organised tables under the stairs from the ground floor. So we felt like we were in our own little private dining space.

There's a bar down there too, so a great evening was had by all. I'd never tasted 'Asian Fusion' food before, and I LOVED it.

I'm sure we all did, to be honest. Those spices kick, but sweet chillies take the edge off, just enough.

Bar Soba is a favourite now... we always have a rare old time, whether we stop by for one, or for a meal and the whole evening.

Chin, chin

Melody x

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