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Princess Polly calling...

by Princess Polly
(Glasgow Kelvinbridge)

Hi there. I like to think of myself as the princess of the funky, unusual pressies for my family and friends.

You can call me Present Princess Polly! ;-)

Sixth in a family of six kids (no twins!), I have had to make a lot of noise to be heard. So you can imagine how happy I was to discover Demijohn on Byres Road a while back.

Now the Demijohn stylish (and wonky) jars and jugs can help make some noise for me. With their help, I have handed over quite a few gifts to really happy people.

Not only do they get something unusual in the bottles, it all looks so nice too. I like the gift wrapping service Demijohn offers... but I always feel like I want to add my own Princess Polly special touch.

You know the sort of thing I mean... Some glitter here, a little sparkle there, and we're done.

I keep the stakes high in the presents side of my big family, and Demijohn helps me out!

See ya! Polly xxx

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Top Demijohn Gifts
by: Moira

I like your style, Polly.

I bet you're the family darling, being the youngest AND giving cool gifts like what you pick up in Demijohn.

I love the Demijohn style too. I have a friend who just LOVES to give dinner parties. Her kitchen is a marvel, totally stuffed with everything you could ever possibly need.

The pressure is always on, when invited round. What the hell can I take her this time? bla bla bla

Demijohn helped me out, by introducing me to oils and stuff I'd mever heard of before. And you're right about the crazy choices of container. I went for something simple and stylish that time - I know my hostesses tastes well enough.

Its fun tasting some of the boozey liqueurs and having staff tell me all about the strange concoctions they have for us.

I love Demijohn!


Perfect for Byres Road
by: Cal

I stumbled over Demijohn, quite by chance.

Those odd barrels and straw in the window stopped me in my tracks.

I had no idea what was being sold, so I went in to investigate. It turned out the guy who spoke to me is one of the owners. He was really helpful, and let me taste a couple of vinegars.

It turns out he also has a Demijohn in the Old Town in Edinburgh.

I ended up buying a couple of small bottles of different dressings - and both have been refilled (at a reduced price) since then.

Great stuff, Demijohn. Something a little different like this is perfect for cool'n'funky Byres Road.


Making a statement - with Demijohn
by: Suzy

When I moved into my first-ever flat last year, I was lucky enought to be given THREE different Demijohn oils as flat-warming presents.

Since then I've had a new kitchen put in (the 1970's avocado formica HAD TO GO!), and the funky jars with the warm-coloured oils inside make a lovely statement on a glass shelf near the wimdow.

Demijohn has a big fan here...


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