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Quality Stays Constant at The Babbity

by Hugh

Babbity Bowster! Wow! I used to go there now and again when I was a student - usually to get pissed after exams - and I hadn't been back for about 15 tears.

I'm happy to report that it hasn't changed. At all.

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Grabbing the best table at the village pub!
by: Gordon

I've seen people playing that game too. I think it might come from a game played on ocean liners. Not sure though. Why didn't you ask him? He'd probably let you join in. He's that kind of chap!

When we hit Babbity Bowster, we like to get the table near the door to the beer garden. It has comfy benches on 3 sides, so you have your own space. At the same time, you get a good view of the bar and main door, so you won't miss a thing, if that's what you prefer.

By the way, the Top Secret review from their Glasgow website, where they describe Babbity Bowster like a village pub, could hardly be more true. Its such a cosy place, full of real character.

Bowling in Beer Garden
by: Walter

I know what you mean! I was there recently, for a glass of wine in the beer garden with friends. The owner was there, as usual, playing some sort of bowles at the edge of the garden.

I'm not sure what it was exactly - the balls were small and kinda silver, and had to be thrown as close as possible to a much smaller one, knocking others out of the way in the process.

Whatever it was, they were having a lovely old time of it, and the atmosphere was so relaxed, we could have stayed there all day. Oh well, next time, I suppose.

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