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Sisterly Love!

by Sally
(Glasgow, Scotland)

Stairway to Foody Heaven!

Stairway to Foody Heaven!

One of my pals has family in Bahrain, and they have dead high standards. I think they might even have "staff" in the Gulf!

Anyway, my mate needed somewhere fabby to take them for dinner when they were on holiday in Glasgow. I am a noisy fan of everything The sisters do, so I told her to take them to The Sisters 1st restaurant in Jordanhill.

I invited myself along for the ride. Any excuse for some 'Sisters' TLC! Call me a glutton - see if I care! ;)

To cut a long story short, they had a whale of a time - although whale wasn't exactly on the menu. The sun shone, and we sat in the cute little outdoors dining area, for hours.

The true Scottish tastes, mixed with cracking good service and some fresh Scottish air went down well with them.

In fact, my mate told me that they had such a good night that she took them to the other Sisters in Kelvingrove on the last night of their holiday.

I just wish she'd asked me along too!

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by: Anonymous

Yeah. They had a tiny place on the first floor. They outgrew it an' moved on to Jordanhill a few years ago.

original sisters?
by: Kay

I probably prefer the original Sisters here in Jordanhill (though a friend told me that the ORIGINAL original was in Ashton Lane - does anyone know if that's true?)

duvet love!
by: Anonymous

Nice photo. Looks like a lovely day. I've never sat outside. Must give it a try next time. I agree about the atmosphere inside. You feel cosy and safe on wetter days, a bit like snuggling under your duvet when its snowing outside! (How sad am I?)

Just to say I love The Sisters Jordanhill too.

romance in the attic!
by: JJ

I'm a bit of a fan of The Sisters Jordanhill too. You're right to say that on nice days a seat outside works best.

I also think that, on a romantic date, sitting in the attic space like that, with the warn candles glowing and frost on the roof windows, it almost feels like being in a private dining room.

And very romantic, like I said.

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