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Still Wonderful - 10 years on...

by Aiden
(London South Bank)

Hi. Aiden here.

I went to Glasgow uni, and have spent the last 10 years working in London. Back in Glasgow for a 10 year class reunion, a few of us decided to check out some of our old haunts.

What a trip down memory lane! The highlight was about 20 of us piling into Ashoka Aston Lane. I'd forgotten how much I LOVED that place as a student. We were all pleased to see that very little had changed.

The same crackin' good curry, with the BEST spiced onions on the planet, chicken tikka malaidar with just the right amount of chilli, and the murel is as much fun as ever.

If I didn't know better, I'd say the staff were the same too! Friendly, cool when its busy, and always ready to help.

Ashoka Ashton Lane was one of the dens-in-fun in my youth - back in London again, I can honestly say that it remains very close to my heart...

Thanks, Ashoka. You made us all very happy!


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Spiced Onions Travelling to London...
by: Stevie

I agree with your comments about the Ashoka Ashton Lane spiced onions, Aiden...

Whenever I visit one of my Glaswegian friends in London, I have a price to pay if I want a bed - a tub of Ashoka spiced onions. Really! ;-)

Of course, I'm happy to take them, and the Ashoka Ashton Lane takeaway is perfect - if I don't use it as an excuse to have a full meal there anyway, you understand...

My friend just cannot find spiced onions that come close. She's married with kids now, so I doubt she'll be moving back north on account of their spiced onions. But I know how she feels, 'cos I LOVE them too.

Be seein' ya.


Keeping Notty-Ash friends happy!
by: Linda M

Love your story,Stevie!

I have mates from Glasgow who are married now and living in Nottingham. Whenever I hear they're visiting, I know a night in Ashoka Ashton Lane is gonna happen...

They miss such great curry - a LOT.

It's often the small things that make home special, and for them, Ashoka did it. Every time.

I know how they feel - Ashoka Ashton Lane flips my switch too.


Linda xxx

Yummy Ashoka curry....
by: Lisa

There's no doubt about it, Ashoka Ashton Lane is a jumping curry house. In a brilliant spot on Ashton Lane, it gets couples, families and larger groups out having a great time.

I love creamy curry. The Ashoka Ceylonese korma is divine - with a cherry naan to share with someone lucky!

I think the best thing about Ashoka Ashton Lane is the REALLY friendly atmosphere. Its sure of itself, and locals clearly love it.

Quite right, too.

Keep filling us up with your best curry, Ashoks!

Lisa x

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