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Tapas Among The Office Blocks...

by Mark
(Glasgow South Side)

Top Secret Glasgow reviewed TaPaell'Ya and I decided to give them a try based on a glowing recommendation. I have to thank the Agent who decided TaPaell'Ya made your grade, 'cos I agree.

The odd thing is that I must have driven right past it dozens of times, and I'd never noticed it. I guess I thought it was all office buildings once you reach the back of the Radisson Hotel. How wrong could I be?

The tapas is as good as my other favourite, Cafe Andaluz in the west end, but there is something extre special about this restaurant.

They've gone for a chic look that doesn't say "warm, cosy family eating" the way other tapas places have. Instead you get cool chic black, white and scarlet. It works well.

And it really IS just round the corner from all the buzz of the city centre. Thanks again. I hope I am an obvious fan! That's exactly how I feel...

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Tapas SF Catering
by: Anonymous

Tapas SF Catering
Tapas Catering Specializes in traditional & Contemporary Tapas, Small Plates, Hors d'oeuvres and Appetizers. We cater to Private parties, Corporate events, Weddings and Holiday gatherings throughout San Francisco Bay Area.
Our Tapas Tasting Menu combines beautiful Passed mini dishes with Buffet Station Menu, allowing your guests constant access to a dazzling array of tastes.
Our menus allow for a culinary adventure of sorts while also enabling your guests to move and mingle freely while enjoying the diversity of a spectacular tasting.

Raise Your (garlicky) Glasses to Tapaell'Ya
by: Mark


A garlic pact! What a cool way to put it!

Your breath smells like last weeks' dishes, and all you need to say is "My other half and I had a garlic pact last night! and you're off the hook!

Perfect tactics!

This isn't to put Tapaell'Ya down in any way. I think it just shows how limited we can be with food, if we're not careful and remember to treat ourselves to wonderful European influences - as often as possible!


The garlic pact
by: Angus

Good to know, Mark.

You also can't argue with the amazing amounts of garlic Tapaell'Ya put into their tapas!

My wife and I have to agree to a 'garlic pact' whenever we visit... after all, garlic is good for the blood. Right?


Shoppers Know Best!
by: Mark

I know exactly what you mean, Angus.

I've mentioned Tapaell'Ya to plenty friends - and one surprised me.

She's a shopper, and knows Glasgow like the back of her hand. She told me Tapaell'Ya is one of her spots to visit after a shopping spree because it tends to be nice and quiet. More importantly, it's only a block from where she usually parks her car.

Can't argue with that, I suppose.

Happy Discovery
by: Angus

I'm like you - a local who only just found out about this stylish restaurant. I agree its most likely because of the odd location.

I found it because I was early for an evening event in the hotel. I hate standing around like a 5th wheel, so I went for a walk, and there it was just round the corner. The menu looked good to I made a note to go back.

I've been several times, and always have a great meal. And like you, I'm a big local fan!

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