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Tasty fresh loaves and salads - by Delizique

by Samantha
(Partick, Glasgow)

I am so happy Delizique is doing well. Our part of the west end was crying out for a deli of this quality.

Dropping by for a loaf of the Delizique sour-dough bread lifts my day! Then I browse all those unusual salads, trying to decide which to go for.

The beetroot and raisin one wins most days. I might well have a small addiction there!

Although whenever the shredded cucumber and courgette salad is around, the others get a run for their money...

They also carry little pots of EXTREMELY garlicky mayo dip. So tasty, it should be illegal ;)

I put the fresh bread in the oven at a low heat for 10 minutes, slice it and get stuck into the salads and dip...

Healthy and heavenly!

Well done, Delizique.

Samantha xxx

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Top Tablet from Delizique...
by: Linda

As well as all those tasty fresh goodies, Delizique also has some of the most amazing tablet around.

I think it comes from a wee man in a cottage in either Ayrshire or Argyle.

Anyway, I was in Delizique with my 2 kids, and (of course) they spotted the tablet straight away! Typical :-)

Now we can't even walk past Delizique without my sleeve being tugged... "Mum, Mum. Can we have some...?" I'm sure you know the rest!

Don't tell them, but I agree. Mmmm!

Lovin' Delizique

Linda x

Delizique's top catering
by: Ricky

Did you know Delizique takes orders, if you're catering? They'll chat about the sorts of things your guests like, and make really cool suggestions...

Worked well for me in the past. And I came across as a GREAT HOST without having to do very much.

Bless you, Delizique.

I think I'm you're number one fan ;)

Ricky x

Delizique pies rule!
by: Doug

You speak the truth, Samantha...;)

I tried to pass some Delizique pies off as my own creation - and got caught!

One of my friends works in London now, and she's notorious for NEVER cooking, but pretending she does.

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try, and Delizique was to be my partner in 'crime'. I admitted to buying the bread, but I should have done a better job of hiding the containers for the pies and salad!

It didn't help that I had some Delizique quiche in the fridge - in the same containers... or that my friend is a nosey old mare.

I love her dearly, though ;) I'm clearly too honest to be a cheater in the kitchen.

And I love Delizique as well...

Rock on, folks


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