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Too Many Beer Brands to Count...

by Jimbo

I love Pivo Pivo cos we were able to have a 'beer crawl' - similar to a pub crawl, except you change beers rather than bars - on my brothers stag night. At the last count we'd been to 15 beers.

Although I might have missed a couple chatting up some lovely girls at the bar! That aside, Pivo Pivo works well for us. Even better, at the end of the night, all we have to do is stagger across Hope Street in time for the last train home!

Now and again there is some live music, to get the atmosphere really going. We love that!

Perfect Pivo Pivo! Bless you!

To tell the truth, I get up to more than just drink beer!

I love Christopher Brookmyre's and Ian Rankin's books. I play the bagpipes (yes, really). And I follow professional tennis. Isn't Andy Murray doin well?

I love movies. Some classics like Vertigo and The Day The earth Stood Still flick my switch. But I really like blockbusters. I think of it being like going on a roller coaster. Eat your popcorn and enjoy the ride!

My top 3 are probably:
1. All 'Alien' movies - goan' yersel, Ripley!
2. Die Hard 1 and 4 especially
3. Towering Inferno. Its about time for a re-make, I think. How did Faye Dunaways dress stay on? What a work of 70's genius... the movie AND the dress!



Comments for Too Many Beer Brands to Count...

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awesome NEW
by: Anonymous

Go 4 it!
by: Johnny

Nothin wrong with that!

It'll be a bit like visiting Glasgow and only ever seeing the inside of Pivo Pivo!

I can think of worse fates!

Not Yet...
by: Jimbo

But Germany is on my long list of places to visit. Mates went to Berlin last year, and they loved it. My sister loved Munich - said it was REALLY clean and tidy, and the big museum there is meant to be amazing.

Still - I'd probably be there for the beer, mostly!

Hard to tell...
by: Johnny

They REALLY know how to put beer away in Germany!

Ever been?

In beer cellars, wait staff float about with multi-tiered cattiers, full of little glasses of the local brew. Then they mark up how many you've had - on a beermat! Heaven help whoever has the mat when its time to stagger home!

German Fun'n'Games
by: Jimbo

You'll have fun in Pivo Pivo, that's for sure!

I wonder how many rounds you'll get in before he calls it quits...

Pivo Pivo v's Germany!
by: Johnny

What a great idea! Its given me an idea, too. My brother teaches in Germany, and he's always banging on about hoe German beer is the best in the world.

He might be right, but will he be willing to take the challenge of rating beers he doesn't know, against his beloved German ones?

At least he agrees with us all that Scotch malts are the best in the world, so we stay on best terms!

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