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Treated by Our Lovely Niece

by WIlliam Alderton

Hello there.

I'm William, and I've just come back to York after a long weekend in Glasgow. The wife and I went to Glasgow to visit our niece and to have a look at The Burrell Collection.

She took us out for dinner on Saturday night, and we ended up in Cafe Gandolfi. Its in The Merchant City, and Jane (our niece) told us that its a bit of a local cornerstone.

I doubted what she meant! I mean, I know Glasgow has built up a bit of a reputation for some good food - but we were taken aback by how much we enjoyed it.

Just as well Jane booked, because there wasn't a spare seat to be had.

The menu was a wierd mixture of Scottish things like black pudding, Arbroath smokies (the best kippers in the world) and haggis, together with things we'd find abroad, like Spanish tortilla.

You know what? It worked really well.

The tables still have the shape of the trees they were made from, which was really interesting.

Thanks for a great night out, Jane. Next time we visit, let's go back again. My treat this time, OK?



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Well looked after
by: A Happy Mum

We LOVE going to Cafe Gandolfi. We have our hands full, with 3 under the age of 7.

Staff couldn't be more helpful, even when one time baby Immy got a bit fractious! The waitress scooped her up and fed her for a couple of minutes, while I took the chance to get stuck into my eggs benedict!

How many other places are so effortlessly helpful? They even warmed up the bottle for me.

Our eldest, Jack, was taken to the hatch to see into the kitchen and say hello to the chef. He was a bit awed, I think! Just like the time we took him to see Santa Claus. LOL

Kids - what are they like?! And a big "thanks" to Cafe Gandolfi for handling their demands with such gentle aplomb.

Mrs Happy-Face xxx

Book for a place at Gandolfi
by: Johnathon Heale

Cafe Gandolfi can get REALLY busy, 'cos its so popular. Book in advance, so as not to be felt standing...

Its often full of families at weekend brunch times. And I mean whole families, from nippers up to grandparents. Which is nice. There is a fantastic laidback atmosphere.

You're right, William. Cafe Gandolfi is a gem, and certainly one of the best places for a relaxed meal in the Merchant City.

In the whole of Glasgow, really.

Glad your niece knows her city!


Cafe Gandolfi works 4 me!
by: Stephen R

Cafe Gandolfi was one of the 1st places I took my girlfriend, whan we started going out.

I wanted to impress her! And Cafe Gandolfi seemed to do the trick, 'cos 3 years later we're engaged. It could have been the gorgeous food... or the attentive service... or my natural charm ;-)

Seriously though. Cafe Gandolfi oozes easy charm. Everyone is welcome. And there is a cosy bar upstairs now, making it all the better to visit.

With HUGE respect


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