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Tron Theatre Theatrics!

by Julie
(Shawlands, Glasgow)

Hi guys!

Gotta tell you about the fun we have each year at The Tron panto.

I know they put on great shows all year round... but there's just something about the panto that has us wetting our pants!

Last year we took mates from London to see The Tron version of Aladdin. They LOVED it, and got most of the saucy jokes too.

I remember the 1st time I was lucky enough 2 go 2 Tron Panto. I thought I was going to to see a 'regular' Snow White & 7 Dwarves!

"Oh no you're not!" Picture the scene...

The wicked stepmother queen appeared at the back of the audience - complete with ballgown. pointed tall hat... and bushy beard!

Then (s)he sang her opening line: (I swear this is true)

"...Folks thing I'm the twin sista;
O' Linda Evangelista!"

We were hooked! And nothing has changed.

Bet Merchant City Festival is as much fun... Don't miss out.



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Right for kids AND parents!
by: Entertaining stuff from theTron stars

They make a marvellous job of including the kids at the Tron Panto. Lots of screaming and shouting, laughing and catching sweets flung over our heads!

I remember a few years ago they had a singing competitio - on the stage, mind you - and all these fearless children were clammering to be chosen.

All the while, a distinctly saucy script, with a few well timed double entendres, keep adults peeing their pants. And these sail over the kids heads too!

Wouldn't miss it for the world... my kids wouldn't let me, anyway.

See you there.

Brian x

Wild Pantos! - and so much more
by: Sean Alexander


You are SO RIGHT about the Tron Panto! Did you see the one from a couple of years ago, and the dodgy u? Her name was Irene Brew, and she was HILARIOUS.

She also took no prisoners, when it came to the good natured heckling for us lot! Everybody entered the siprit of the panto, and my sides were sore with laughing by the end!

I think Forbes Mason oftn has a hand in writing the scripts... they bounce along saucily, don't they?

Mind you, Tron Theatre can be relied on for serious drama too. They never cease to amaze and entertain us, with a range of plays from all over the world.

Keep up the good work, and we'll keep coming back, Tron Theatre. I wonder what this years panto is going to be? ;-)

Sean Alexander

Room for me too...
by: Jamie R


I've heard enough! People are ALWAYS telling me how good Tron Theatre is, whether its serious drama, classic plays, alternative shows, educational work or (of course!) the pantomime.

But I've never been.

Not sure why... it just hasn't ever happened.

But I'll be at the panto this year, with or without my son... I think he'll want to come, just to keep me out of trouble. He is 8 already, after all.

Can't wait.

Thanks for the advice.


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