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Vibrant Nights at Brutti Ma Buoni

by Robby
(Glasgow Dowanhill)

We took a good friend Georgia to Brutti Ma Buoni as part of her 50th birthday celebrations.

She likes to think she knows all the really cool places to hang out, in Glasgow. For some reason, this gem had slipped right by her radar! It was jumping that night - good job we'd reserved a table.

The atmosphere was really good - lively and friendly. She likes her food does our Georgie-Porgie, and Brutti Ma Buoni didn't let her down.

She spotted a couple of blokes who tickled her fancy, I reckon! And she was rather taken with the iPod we gave her too. A good night was had by all, and a new fan of Brutti Ma Buoni was born.

Enjoy! Robby

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The best seats in the house
by: Sarah


I'm Sarah, and I LOVE Brutti Ma Buoni.

Did you know there's a mezzanine area at the back, and a group of say 12 can have quite a time to themselves up there? It can be booked, and I think its quite special.

You still benefit from the friendly buzz of the bar area, and you can see what's going on through the low glass partition. And you get service from the relaxed wait staff, at the same time.

Maybe I shouldn't be sharing this with you guys... you might pinch the best seats in Brutti Ma Buoni - our seats! (just kiddin')

C U there some time ;-)

Sarah xx

Happy memories
by: Amy

I remember having a total hoot in Brutti Ma Buoni, during one Merchant City Festival.

Quite a crowd had gathered in the pavement terrace, and the jungle juice was flowing. A stage had been set up nearby, and we were delighted to hear the acts without moving.

Then some of the street artists started turning up, doing their thing right in the Brutti crowd. It was hilarious, and everyone entered into the spirit of the day.

Great stuff, from a really great place.

Thanks again, Brutti Ma Buoni. We love you.

Amy xxx

Stylish place - Stylish guests
by: Mr Fan-some

Sounds like a crazy night out. What a cool place to go for part of a 50th birthday celebration.

I love sitting in the Brutti Ma Buoni pavement terrace on fine summer evenings. Although its in the middle of the city, somehow that street stays pretty much free of traffic. And there's always something interesting to watch.

Altogether, this is a VERY stylish place, in an equally stylish part of the Merchant City.

I love it.

Mr Fan-some (!)

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