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Citation Sophistication...

by Helena
(Glasgow, Merchant City)

Citation is a welcome addition to an already jumpin' part of the Merchant City.

Hi, I'm Helena. And I love Glasgow. Mostly I admire the way it has been re-born since the early 1980s into a centre for style and good taste - while still holding dear all the things that made it great in the 1st place.

The Merchant City has done well. I was worried about what on Earth was going to be done with the old Sherrif Court Building. It sat empty for so long, trees were starting to grow out of the gutters!

For a while it looked like Terence Conran was going to develop it. That fell through (sigh!), but now it is full of designer life - complete with Citation at one end.

The pavement terrace is PERFECT on nice days. And the spacious interior makes the most of an already magnificent building.

Have fun in Citation. I think we've waited long enough for this excellent bar restaurant.

Helena x

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Sex and the City - in Citation...?
by: Sally

My God, you guys sound like you've just stepped out of 'Sex and the City'... go for it, girls!

I, on the other hand, am going to try for the moral high ground here, and tell you that I love Citation for its top service, interesting menu, full bodied red wines and tasteful decor...

... not forgetting the deliciously tight buns on our charming young waiter! LOL

Sally x

Window shopping in Citation ;-)
by: Moira


Likin' your style, Wendy. I 1st visited Citation a couple of months ago, and did indeed dit out on the pavement terrace. Our rather pretty waiter was placing orders through the window, and collecting them at the same point. Cute!

My hubby noticed my roving eye, and gave me a proper slagging! "Who cares!", I told him. Window shopping never hurt anyone. He agreed, and bought me another drink, the sweetie!

Moira xxx

Lovin' Citation's work...
by: Wendy

I agree, Helena. The pavement terrace is a groovy place to sit.

Have you been inside? They did a wonderful job of restoring the building. There's a mix of exposed brickwork and clean plaster lines that I just LOVE.

And they have a certain policy with their very attentive staff. I fancied at least 4 of those blokes ;-) LOL

Small wonder Citation has quickly become my top place to visit.

Wendy x

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