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Lady of the Lake - Competition Time!

Guess Where?

Top Secret Quote Bubble in black, with statue of lady in long gown, bright blue sky.

It's Competition Time!

This Lady of the Lake stands tall somewhere in Glasgow - know where?

Fancy taking home an Apple Shuffle, in our fave (PRODUCT) RED Top Secret colour? Enter our latest competition now and grab your chance!

Top Secret Quote Bubble in black, Apple iPod Shuffle (PRODUCT) RED clipped to denim jacket

Just tell us where in Glasgow this serene statue hides away, and we'll add your name to our prize draw.

She's the fair Ellen from Sir Walter Scott's 'The Lady of the Lake']. Regal and stately, isn't she?

And if it inspires you to read the famous poem, check out this free online copy of Lady of the Lake or this PDF copy. (No worries - the wonders of spent copyright - 70 years from death - make this completely legal. Hurrah!)

I can also reveal another couple of clues:

1. she came to grace her corner of Glasgow in 1872

(and our Agents getting a bit cryptic on us!...)

2. she is surrounded by much drier land than was originally intended

...what on Earth can that mean, I wonder?

So, over to you... WHERE is she?

Our Agents can confirm that she was spotted recently in Glasgow. But I can't persuade them to say any more.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to send your entry here, by midnight, Sunday 19 October 2008.

All we need is your first name and email address along with your entry. (We'll ask for the winner's postal address after we make the draw).

If you fancy getting your hands on an Apple Shuffle, do it now! Just stay serene, concentrate, and maybe look up!?

So, where is she? - we need a specific location in Glasgow - so be as clear as you can and make youself a winner of a new Apple iPod Shuffle in sleek (PRODUCT) RED...

Remember that we'll accept one entry per person, so use our special "share" button to Email your friends and family and improve your chance to win...

Good luck. We're looking forward to your (right!) answer. Check back for other competitions coming soon.

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