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Promises Us Super Times With A Celebration Of Fab Queer Talents

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Mission 4: Ride Out to the Wild West (End)...

Welcome to the fourth Top Secret Mission for Glasgay. The West End is one of the most bohemian areas in Glasgow, and most places are gay-friendly.

Life along and near Byres Road is always exciting, with the wonderful bars and restaurants on Ashton Lane , Cresswell Lane and Ruthven Lane . glasgow the stand laugh til you fall over

In fact, there is so much to tell you about this fab area of Glasgow, that the place to get all the chat is in another Top Secret Glasgow report.

Coming soon, it's called Byres Road Bohemia. Enjoy.

Tina C plays Oran Mor for one night during the 2008 festival, and The Stand on the other side of Kelvingrove Park is the local comedy club.

It depends what you're in the mood for. but here are my faves on or near Byres Road...

glasgow brel best of belgium

Now that you’ve reached the end of an enjoyable evening, I think it’s time for bed, as Zebedee used to say.

So hop along to Top Secret Mission 5, to snoop around for the best beds in the city…

We also tell you about a great place to touch base with all sorts of community groups and advice on sexual health.

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So, if you are as big a fan as me, why not tell the world why this makes you want to run open-armed and panting into its open arms.

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(Of course, you could always just calmly type out a few random thoughts about it too. Whatever takes your fancy...)

Do share with us all below...

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Well… spill!...

(need some inspiration? OK - then check out Glasgay! Festival stories from your fellow visitors first...)

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