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Promises Us Super Times With A Celebration Of Fab Queer Talents

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Glasgay! 2008 1 October - 9 November

How time flies! Can Glasgay be back already? Bigger and louder, out and proud for a whole 5 week gig in 2008, it just gets better and better. Local, national and international artists will flock to our great city for one of the most vibrant, important celebrations on our calendar.

Here's what I'm going to do. I want to make sure your time in Glasgow during the festival is as much fun as possible. To make you feel at home straight away, have a look at the best of the best Glasgow has to offer, near festival venues.

Top Secret Agents have done all the hard work, leaving you to get on with the show... so to speak. Much like last year, I've cut everything into Top Secret Missions. That way, you can concentrate on the part of the city that suits your needs.

Either way, you WON'T waste time looking for that elusive best local place for a pint, or the top spot locals go to for perfect pre-theatre.

Oh yes! I'll also mention my take on some Glasgay highlights. Just for good measure, because all you need to know about Glasgay 2008 can be found at the official Glasgay! website

Then its over to you. Had fun at this year's festival? Got a cool story to share? Well, spill! Top Secret Glasgow will publish your stories, and create your very own web pages. All totally free. How cool is that? But let's keep this a secret... Don't tell anyone. OK?

Glasgay 2008 Best Bits

glasgow gft art house party

This year, the main theme of the festival will be a retrospective on the works of playwright Tennessee Williams, to mark the 25th anniversary of his death. Several of his plays will be staged, and classic movies from his plays, such as A Streetcar Named Desire and The Glass Menagerie will grace the Glasgow Film Theatre screens.

Ever seen the 1959 movie Suddenly Last Summer? It's the one where a gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor is in danger of having a lobotomy forced onto her by her aunt.

She's played by a scarily powerful Katherine Hepburn. All she has to do, to get her way, is make sure the equally good looking doctor (Montgomery Clift) is convinced of dear old 'Liz's mental state.

Tense stuff indeed. In addition to the movie showing at GFT, the original play can be seen at The Tron Theatre. This has to be one not to miss...

Tennessee Williams plays at The Tron Theatre also include Like The Rain. Bleaker times here, but a rare chance to catch three of his earliest works live. All one-act plays, this "3-for-the-price-of-1" package is a great way to enjoy this restrospective.

Other movies to look out for at GFT are the short fable, Prada Handbag. If you've seen Blake Edward's Victor Victoria, you'll love the triple gender-bender theme! (You don't have to be a man to be a drag queen... do you?)

With comedy in mind, Glasgow is thrilled to welcome back the one and only Tina C. Her show moves from The Stand to the larger venue of Oran Mor this year. Titled 'Tick My Box', her show is an attempt to get white trash into the White House. This will be a scream! I hope Tina finds the move to Oran Mor easy... because as she likes to tell anyone who'll listen, "It ain't easy bein' easy."!

glasgow st andrews in the square cultured interiors For some celtic music and a lot of fun, The Belle Star Band offer us a Ragin' Cajun Ceilidh. With a unique Southern twist on Scottish country music, and blast is to be had in St. Andrews in the Square.

Even if your knowledge of the steps is limited, the fun sounds are sure to carry us all along...

Scotland's answer to Rufus Wainwright, crystal-voiced David Ferrard makes an appearance at City Halls.

While, over at Tramway, composer Simon Fischer Turner celebrates his creative partnership with the much-missed Derek Jarman; a rare live performance of their film-as-art masterpiece, Blue.

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