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Promises Us Super Times With A Celebration Of Fab Queer Talents

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Mission 5: Sleep Off Your Excesses... and Stay Safe...

If you’re visiting Glasgow for Glasgay, you’ll need somewhere to crash (or flash) after your nights on the tiles.

Here are cool places for you to consider, based on different budgets.

glasgow the brunswick festival colours In the Merchant City, the best rooms can be found at The Brunswick. Cool and chic, The Brunswick goes for the modern minimal look, creating a beautiful boutique hotel.

If your budget is strong enough, there is a large (two levels, three bedrooms) penthouse to think about.

While you’re there, check out the bar.

It isn’t gay really, but is a popular watering hole for the style conscious gay social animals in Glasgow.

Treat Yourself...

glasgow one devonshire gardens ritzy luxury

Don’t you just love treating yourself? There are two really swanky hotels that will let you do just that.

If you want to be near The Arches and very close to Central Station, Radisson SAS Hotel should suit.

Another designer hotel, it has a range of rooms starting with the Modern Room, up to the luxurious Apartment – all 86 square metres of it.

Or maybe you’d like some peace and quiet in the refined Victorian West End of the city. In which case it has to be One Devonshire Gardens for you.

World famous and literally a home from home to many visiting celebs, One Devonshire Gardens thoroughly deserves its top notch reputation.

Wait staff in Victorian style uniforms deliver your requests to your opulent room.

Or you can stroll down to nearby Byres Road to pamper youself in the award winning La Vallee Blanche for another treat.

Save Some Cash...

Of course, Glasgow will also find a bed for those on more modest budgets. The best budget hotel in the city centre is probably Jury’s Inn on Jamaica Street.

Close to Central Station and a few minutes walk to most of the festival venues, you should feel quite at home.

We Are Family...

There are two festival partner hotels in 2008 – The Crowne Plaza and Fraser Suites.

The Crowne Plaza is the big shining tower beside the SECC, and Fraser Suites in the heart of The Merchant City offer posh apartments for short leases, including an exclusive fitness suite in the building.

Stay Safe...

glasgow cafe med snax in the city

Before I sign off, here’s a reminder of Glasgow’s place to go for friendly advice, should you need it during Glasgay and throughout the year.

There is a Cafe MED on Bell Street, in the Merchant City.

Of course, everyone should feel safe, clued up and supported, and Glasgow takes this seriously – leaving you free to get out there and have a ball (or two)!

Have Fun At Glasgay!...

Whether you’re gay or gay-friendly, Glasgay and Glasgow will welcome you with open arms. Lucky for us, this growing festival is there for everyone to enjoy, so go for it, and let us know how much fun you’ve had.

For all the latest information on Glasgay! head over to the festival website.

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